I’m Candice McDonald... I am so excited you came to visit!


Here is some important stuff you might like to know about me ...


I am a natural light newborn photographer, and have been photographing newborns for over 9 years now.


I am also a proudly registered Birth Photographer with the South African Birth Photographer's Association  (SABPA).


I love building friendships with my clients. I cannot wait to meet you, and hear your baby's story.


I want to create more than just pictures for you. I want you to have a wonderful custom portrait experience from beginning to end.


And here are some random fun things about me if you would like to get to know me a bit better ...


I was born in Pietermaritzburg, and have lived in this little town my whole life, never left.


I hate cooking! I cannot bake! I do not even own a stove. I am a complete junk food lover. Sour worms and hot cross buns are my favourites.


I own one pair of high heel shoes, which I have worn to every wedding as far back as I can remember (weddings are the only time I ever get dressed up). I am definitely a sneakers kinda girl.


I am a 100% Country Music fan! Growing up I dreamed of marrying a guitar playing, blue jeaned cowboy. (Yes I do still dream about it sometimes)


I have endless patience with my little clients, but very little for my two boys. Maybe patience is not endless and it can be used up each day?


My answer to any baby related question is swaddle, swaddle, swaddle.


I am a bit loud, but if you have ever met me you already knew that! Apparently I am also a little bit bossy.


My Dad died when I was very little, and my Mom is the most amazing person I know! Love you Mom.


Everyone I know is a coffee person ...but I am a hot chocolate person.


I am sitting writing random facts about myself when I should be editing!



So if you are not just looking for a photo session, but are looking rather for an amazing portrait experience for your little newborn, please stay awhile and look around.


I would love to show you my studio....

Love Candice
Welcome to Candice McDonald Photography

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A Natural Newborn Portrait Experience

Love Candice Welcome to Candice McDonald Photography
A Natural Newborn Portrait Experience
Love Candice Welcome to Candice McDonald Photography